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We can explore space. We can let our bodies be the night sky. We can use our fingers to erotically dance throughout the solar system.


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Michigan Rates
• 1 hr-$700 Introduction
Whatever your mood: whether it’s a conversation or a steamy encounter, let me captivate your senses and fulfil your desires.

• 2 hrs–$1,200 Indulgence
Here we escape the every-day world and explore your untapped needs.

• 4 hrs-$2,000 Dinner Date
We will share these hours together, savoring each other’s mind, body and soul. This will be an evening of elegance, refinement and sensuality.

• 7 hrs-$3,500 Overnight
It’s more than your average sleepover, as we can delve into uncharted territory, exploring fantasies, fulfilling dreams – far into the reaches of early dawn.

Extras $200
Two is company…but three may be an adventure.
I eagerly invite couples to share a deep sensual & erotic experience with me.

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Package 1
• 12 hrs–$3,500*
A day of short sweet Bliss!

Package 2
• 2 or more days and nights – $**
A visit of endless ecstasy.
* Includes airfare & accommodation!
**To be discussed. 1 hr. introduction required. Please see the rates!


If I host the InCall…you come to me! For the OutCall…I come to you!

I am a cautious and discreet provider, selecting only upscale hotels. For our first meet the excitement can be high…therefore if you wish to do the booking?…Please do. No problem. My only requirement is that the hotel is reputable.

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Michigan/Metropolitan Detroit: Please note, 24-hour advanced reservation is required.

Besides the usual method of payment, cryptocurrencies such as BTC are now accepted…and tips are always appreciated!

No same-day appointments with No exceptions!

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Special Requests
Allergies, Newbie or Extras.
Is there a fantasy you’ve never tried, but ready to explore?

Do you crave a particular toy, touch, look, attitude or atmosphere? I’ll make it easy for you to discuss your wants, desires and needs without judgement.

To avoid surprises or confusion at the time of booking, please express all your special requests, concerns, first-time jitters and or allergies.

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During our time together, my body, my mind and my full attention will be yours.My time with you is expressed in my willingness and commitment to satisfy your needs. If you are unsure as to what is an acceptable donation, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Please note, due to circumstances beyond my control, travel rates are subject to change without notice.