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1. I do not accept credit cards so please come prepared. All monies accepted must be in cash.

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2. I reserve the right to refuse a booking that includes, but is not limited to obscene or foul language, substance abuse, or if I feel threaten either verbally or physically.

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3. I guarantee that I will be immaculately groomed for you & would expect the same in return.

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Cancelation Policy!

A 25% deposit fee is required for all bookings. ME: I have a well-known reputation for being reliable. Nevertheless, circumstances can arise that warrant cancellation.

YOU: A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required. I will happily return 12.5% of your deposit. However, should you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, the 25% deposit is considered the cancellation fee.

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Traffic…Weather…Alien abductions. I understand, life happens. Still, as a professional, I can only allow for a 15 minute grace period. If you arrive after 15 minutes, please expect to pay the originally agreed upon full amount & understand that our time will end as originally scheduled.

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I am based in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A, but frequently travel. Please sign up for my newsletter & be easily alerted to future travels & schedule changes.

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To make the process as quick & painless as possible, please submit 2 provider references that includes their name, website, when you last met & the phone number. If you are unable to provide such information, I can perform a discreet verification check myself.

Rest assured, I am diligent in keeping to absolute discretion. Please note that verification is imperative and taken seriously.